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Who We Are

FC Unity is a London-based international not-for-profit social enterprise, which provides a platform for development and education through a series of football-based programmes.

In partnership with regional and global organisations, the programmes bring together people from different ethnic, religious and social backgrounds to overcome their differences and learn to work as teams.

FC Unity promotes unity, cross-cultural acceptance and understanding, community cohesion and ultimately a more peaceful co-existence through developing youth leaders who can take these principles into their communities.

To achieve these goals, together with local partners, we create programmes to unite young people of all backgrounds; encourage and teach young people to work as teams; empower and develop leadership skills amongst young people; establish FC Unity leagues, tournaments and cups around the world which are organised by local communities; Positively affecting future generations, communities and economies and thus create a better world through the global appeal of football. 

Since 2006 FC Unity has successfully delivered programmes in Iraq, England, Ghana, Somalia (Somaliland), Djibouti and Sudan. 

Our main programmes to date are the Hope Tour Iraq and TeamIraq programmes that started in 2008 and the UNITY Cup London in England that launched in 2007.

From 2016, FC UNITY will be delivering a global campaign to raise money for UNHCR for the Syrian and Iraqi refugees and internally displaced people. 

To date, FC UNITY has delivered programmes and events in over 10 cities in 6 countries on 3 continents working with over 10,000 young people and creating hundreds of young leaders.

Our Goals

  • To UNITE young people of all religious, ethnic and social backgrounds through football and to ENCOURAGE them to work as teams
  • To EMPOWER and DEVELOP leadership skills amongst young people and PROVIDE EMPLOYMENT opportunities through local partnerships
  • To ESTABLISH FC Unity leagues, tournaments and cups around the world, organised by local young people
  • To CREATE a better world through the global appeal of football