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Meet The Team - Management

Yamam Nabeel

Founder and Cheif Executive

Ryan Taylor

IT Manager

Sama Korom

Operations and Development Manager

TP Theron

Head of Media

Advisory Board

In celebration of the life of Peter Anthony Theobald 18th June 1940 – 31st March 2009

In 2009 FC Unity lost a very dear friend, mentor and adviser. All programmes and achievements are dedicated to Peter’s memory, without whom this would not have been possible.

  • Reginald Arkhurst – Barrister Specialising in International Law
  • Dr. Nada Al Hashimi – Editor, Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper
  • Dr. John Evans – Former Club Secretary of West Bromwich Albion
  • Don Perretta – Television Executive
  • Ed Round – Patent Attorney
  • Melania Page – Corporate Lawyer
  • Lt. Col Roberto Garcia – Public Affairs, US Army (retired)
  • Bernd Stange – Football Coach (former Head Coach of Iraq National Footall Team)